2021.10.26  24 seasons 10.23 - 11.06 frost descent 72 sub-seasons 10.23 - 10.27 no.52 The first frost of the season falls.


Tohoku Green Renaissance

Green Renaissance Project – Recovery that begins in the oceans and fields


People on the Urato Islands located in Matsushima Bay of Miyagi Prefecture have long lived in harmony with nature. Their lives have been dependent on the rich ecosystem, which allows them to farm oysters, seaweed, rice, Chinese cabbage and other produce.
The earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11 washed over the islands and swept away everything in its path. Volunteers from national/local governments, universities, NGOs, companies, UN organizations, as well as other institutions have been working hand in hand with the local residents to help rebuild the community. They are helping the region recover and also to find new energy through green and blue tourism developed based on human relationships and cultural infrastructure.