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Substitution for imported plywood that contributes to biodiversity.

Quadrant Plastic Composites Japan Ltd. (Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation. )

Concrete casting molds made from plywood used at construction sites in Japan rely heavily on wood imported from Southeast Asia. Therefore, making Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, Quadrant Plastic Composite Japan's "XSHEET" resin formwork panel for concrete widely available will contribute to the conservation of rainforests and biodiversity.

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BIO NET INITIATIVE – Initiatives to protect biodiversity

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Co., Ltd.

To create ecological networks that spread from individual points to lines and planes and to cultivate understanding among residents, Mitsubishi Jisho Residence plans trees and plants for each property in a manner that protects biodiversity regardless of the property's size and land area.

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A tool of biodiversity conservation in paddy fields, “Ikimono-genki-mai”

Nonprofit Organization Kahokugata Lake Institute

"Ikimonogenkimai" is rice created without aerially-sprayed pesticides and herbicides of the levee. This NPO researches the biodiversity of each plot of paddy field, and then lists the living organisms found there on the packaging. You can see by whom the rice was made, and where and what the area was like.

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Fairwood Partners

Fairwood Partners

Fairwood refers to wood and wood products that take into consideration the forest environment and local communities where logging is taking place. Fairwood Partners believe that providing information that enables users to make sustainable choices will help change logging behavior and protect the world's forests.

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Protecting the environment and eliminating powerty in developing countries. These are important global issues. Choco-Revo! explores ways to help solve these issues through chocolate.

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