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BIO NET INITIATIVE – Initiatives to protect biodiversity

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Co., Ltd.


To create ecological networks that spread from individual points to lines and planes and to cultivate understanding among residents, Mitsubishi Jisho Residence plans trees and plants for each property in a manner that protects biodiversity regardless of the property’s size and land area.

Each year the company offers for sale 5,000 doors, 50 wings of condominiums. It uses a significant area of land, hence its impact on the environment is far-reaching. As such, it plans vegetation for each property that takes biodiversity into consideration regardless of the size of the property.

In order to create ecological networks that can serve as resting areas for migrating birds, butterflies, etc. the company connects individual properties or points to form lines of greenery that connect communities and expands them into planes and creating towns.

Mitsubishi Jisho Residence does not look at large-scale developments as one-off projects; rather it gives its all to the planning and development of each property regardless of size or scale and undertakes a wide range of activities from these residences. If the company can serve as an example for the industry, and sympathizing with its activities, if other companies begin undertaking similar initiatives, such initiatives have the potential to spread throughout the industry, to 50,000 doors, 500 wings of apartment complexes provided in the Tokyo metropolitan area annually.

Mitsubishi Jisho Residences shares its initiative with residents upon purchase and after they have moved in. The company has many opportunities to come in contact with customers who are considering purchasing a residence. As potential customers are making a once in a lifetime purchase, they gather information very earnestly, and they absorb quite a lot of information. Another important aspect of this initiative is letting people know about the company’s activities to preserve biodiversity at such times when customers are most receptive to information.

As mentioned, the company has many opportunities to communicate with highly sensitive residents, approximately 50,000 groups of potential customers each year. And once customers begin living in their residences, they will have opportunities to come in contact with nature through tree planting activities within the property and in the surrounding area. As you can see, through its residences, the company is making efforts to expand this initiative from the residences to the entire society, from points to planes.

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