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Preserving the satoyama region

Kawana Satoyama Rangers

The Kawana green district is located within a 20-minute walking distance from the Fujisawa station. Although it is situated near the city center, there still remains approximately 30ha of satoyama in Kawana. And in the center lies Kawanashimizuyato. The rangers want to bequeath the nature in the district to future generations through their activities and by working with children of the community.

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Ajiーshima Island Island Heart of Heart Summer School

Ajiーshima Island Island Heart of Heart Summer School

Every summer, the Ajiーshima Island Furusato Fun School welcomes orphans who have experienced abuse or lost their parents in natural disasters to the island free of charge. By spending time on the island surrounded by its nature, talking to elderly men about the fishes they caught, cooking with the elderly women, and eating together, the islanders hope that the children will learn that they are cared for and loved, that they are a cherished presence.

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JTB Brighter Earth Project

JTB Corporation

The JTB Brighter Earth Project brings customers, local residents, and JTB Group employees together to conduct activities that create a brighter future for everyone. Through environmental beautification and human interchange, JTB wishes to join hands with all of the people involved in "Bringing vitality to the earth and smiles to people."

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The Biodiversity School @ Tokushima – Katsuura River basin field program

Tokushima Biodiversity Leader Team

This team operates in an area extending from the Katsuura River source to its estuaries and organizes 15 classes over the course of 8 days. Experts share their scientific knowledge, and participants, who pass the program with flying colors, receive a "Biodiversity Leader" certification.

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Summer Camp for Little Farmers

HERS (Heroines for Environment and Rural Support)

The Little Famers Learning Center aims to not only provide children from urban areas opportunities to experience the life and nature in satoyama, but to also give children from farming families a chance to rediscover the surrounding nature and living organisms. This program also teaches children the power to live, in other words survival skills and the ability to adapt.

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Let’s play in the living creature playground

Inokashira Park Zoo

The Inokashira Park Zoo has set aside a part of its grounds (1300m2) as a place where people can experience nature and have fun looking for and catching living creatures. The objective here is not to show people, rather for people to discover living creatures for themselves.

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Working Together. Promoting and Raising Awareness of the Biodiversity of Terraced Rice Paddies

Specified Non-Profit Organization Ooyamasenmaida Preservation Committee

The residents and local farmers work together to survey living organisms in the nearby satoyama. Their key area of focus is "Ooyamasenmaida," a region in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture known for its terraced rice fields. They create a new medium for promoting and raising awareness of biodiversity in these terraced rice paddies and also organize nature observation workshops.

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The alien species problem studied and told

Ishigaki Municipal Ibaruma Junior High School

Every year, the Ishigaki Municipal Ibaruma Junior High School organizes an environmental education program for its first year students, which includes biological experiments and focuses on the island's invasive species, Marine Toads, to improve awareness for and interest towards biodiversity conservation.

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Umihama Clean-Up

Ishinomaki Umisakura

"Ishinomaki Umisakura" is an organization that collects “treasures” swept away by the Tsunami as well as trash from the sea. They organize clean-up events in coastal areas and other events that help cheer children up.

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Rejuvenation of eelgrass beds lost in the Great East Japan Earthquake

Organization to Promote the Rejuvenation of Eelgrass Beds in the Matsushima Bay Area

The Organization to Promote the Rejuvenation of Eelgrass Beds in the Matsushima Bay Area hopes to bring back eelgrass beds, many of which were lost due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. They organize nature observation workshops for families so that they can learn about the Matsushima Bay area's nature, conduct research on remaining eelgrass beds, collect eelgrass shoots, and also study the causal relationship between eelgrass beds and fishing activities.

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A program initiated by residents of the river basin that integrates biodiversity conservation with education

Network for Conserving the River Basin in the Rain-Kissed Lands

"The integration of environmental conservation and education" - this is the key focus of the group. They help develop educational materials for elementary schools and also encourage the participation of children in conservation activities. These activities help children grow and some even go on to become leaders in conservation activities.

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Marine Environmental Education in Fukushima

Marine Environmental Education Forum

“The 2012 annual meeting of marine environmental education in Fukushima” was held at the aquarium, “Aqua Marine Fukushima (AMF)” from June 8 to 10, 2012.

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