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JTB Brighter Earth Project

JTB Corporation


The JTB Brighter Earth Project brings customers, local residents, and JTB Group employees together to conduct activities that create a brighter future for everyone. Through environmental beautification and human interchange, JTB wishes to join hands with all of the people involved in “Bringing vitality to the earth and smiles to people.”

Learning about the magnificence of the Kerama Islands’ nature and the importance of preserving its marine environment.

The JTB Brighter Earth Project began in 1982 as the “Tourist Destination Clean-up Campaign.” It was redefined in 2012, the centennial of the JTB Group, so that its activities may better incorporate the characteristics of each region.

JTB Group employees work together with customers, local governments, NPOs, universities, companies, and local communities to create a brighter future for everyone not only in Japan, but all around the world. Throughout the year, JTB undertakes 70 programs worldwide, and in recent years, it has been engaged in activities that help conserve biodiversity such as ongoing tree planting projects, maintenance of mountain climbing trails, beach clean-up activities on Coral Day, activities to learn about and become familiar with wild animals and nature so that the natural environment in national parks may be utilized for conservation, activities to help protect rare and endangered species of plants and animals, and to groom habitats, and programs that help people learn about damage caused by wild boars and how to capture them, then effectively utilize the game meat as a regional resource.

And by making use of JTB Group’s know-how and network, the JTB Brighter Earth Project is evolving into a multi-faceted SDG program that includes an educational program that helps people learn about the history and regional culture, reconstruction assistance for Iwaki City, Fukushima prefecture, made possible through cotton farming on arable land abandoned after the earthquake, and programs that focus on global social issues such as mitigating global warming and food loss.

Helping preserve the environment on Motutapu Island (New Zealand) through tree planting activities.

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