2023.6.8  24 seasons 06.06 - 06.21 grain in ear 72 sub-seasons 06.06 - 06.10 no.25 Praying mantises hatch.

MY Declaration

A wide variety of creatures living in harmony, supporting one another … we call this biodiversity.

Feeling connected to living things and the Earth day to day is key to protecting biodiversity.   Our lives depend on other living things.  They help provide water and air, as well as food, wood, and materials for our clothes and medicine.

So join the movement!  Choose an action or actions from among the 5 listed below and make them your “MY Declaration.”  Make your declaration and act today so that we may continue to enjoy nature’s rich biodiversity.

Act1 Eat

I enjoy locally produced, seasonal foods

Act2 Feel

I get in touch with nature by visiting the countryside, zoos, botanical gardens, etc.

Act3 Show

I express my appreciation and wonder for nature with photos, paintings, writings, etc.

Act4 Conserve

I take part in activities that help preserve harmony among nature, living things, people and culture.

Act5 select

I buy green products.