2023.3.27  24 seasons 03.21 - 04.04 vernal equinox 72 sub-seasons 03.26 - 03.30 no.11 Cherry blossoms begin to bloom.

No Touch Sango (Coral)

Eco Guide Cafe

In order to prevent negative impact on coral reefs due to increase in tourism as a result of direct flights to the Shimojishima Airport, the group has created series of "No Touch Sango (Coral)" videos, and are introducing them widely (in Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, Japan, etc.) to raise awareness at the place of origin, and showing them at the Shimojishima Airport to raise awareness at the destination.

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Let’s Try Biodiversity! (LTB) – Companies’ First Undertaking at Conserving Biodiversity

The Biodiversity Working Group, The Four Electrical and Electronic Industry Associations

This working group created an “LTB” guidance, which introduces in detail 11 examples of activities that would be easy to adopt for companies taking their first step at biodiversity conservation activities. The group also organizes orientations and offers participants opportunities to watch and experience the activities undertaken by various companies first hand.

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Blue Earth Project

Blue Earth Project

Visited the Minister of the Environment, Masaharu Nakagawa in March 2018 to report about the project.

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“Gyobu”: Activities to promote biodiversity together with human diversity

Gyobu: Kitakyushu

"Gyobu" consists of 320 professional and non-professional members from thirty-one prefectures in Japan, who are interested in nature and living organisms as well as the relationship between nature and man. Gyobu has been sharing its unique viewpoint and findings through the publication of "GyobuRu," which promotes exhibitions in a museum that targets more than 100,000 visitors.

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Biodiversity research of mushrooms on Mt. Rokko

Hyogo Prefecture Mikage High School Environmental Studies Living Organisms Team

Working with the regional community, the high school prepares specimens and conducts ecological analysis to share information about the biodiversity of mushrooms in the "Futatabi Park" on Mt. Rokko. The results are presented in academic conferences and exhibitions in Hyogo Prefecture as well as in other parts of Japan.

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Itoshima regional calendar

Itoshima calendar group

Itoshima calendar group creates page-a-day calendars that introduce Itoshima's nature, culture, traditional events, and living organisms. These calendars provide information about what life with nature is like and motivate people to go out and experience nature.

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From Children of the Past to Adults of the Future

Ajisima Adventure School

Ajisima is a marginal village with a population of around 400 people. If nothing is done, the island may become deserted in a few decades. That is why the Ajisima Adventure School is trying to pass on the island's favorite pastimes such as its unique way of fishing for eel to children from other parts of the country.

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Surveying the relationship between people and nature

Teruha Forest Association Inc.

For 8 years from 2008, this group has surveyed the relationship between people and nature in 4 districts in the town of Aya, Miyazaki Prefecture. The group worked with the local community on the surveys, identified the region's values, practical knowledges, and hopes, and created maps and brochures that helped the region rediscover and redefine itself.

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Ichiefu Shore Oceanographic Survey

Iwaki Oceanographic Survey Team, Umi Labo

The Iwaki Oceanographic Survey Team, Umi Labo, undertakes surveys off the shores of the Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant to share information about what is going on in the seas of Fukushima. They also regularly update their blog with the latest information.

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The picture story show of the living creatures in Shibukawa Town : Telling the treasures of our hometown.

The support committee for making the picture story show of the living creatures in Shibukawa Town, Shiga, Japan

The support committee for making the picture story show of the living creatures in Shibukawa Town is an organization that helps provide "biodiversity education" to all students of the Shibukawa Elementary School. It has supported children's efforts to describe Shibukawa's biodiversity with pictures and illustrated picture-card stories.

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Environmental Awareness Class

Shimadzu Corporation E-club

The company organizes environmental awareness classes at elementary schools using "bidi," a card game it created to introduce endangered species. These are part of Shimadzu Corporation's "E-club" activities that familiarize and teach children about biodiversity and its importance.

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Ecoyomi in Animation

Think the Earth

Once each year, the Earth completes its journey around the sun.  This is what helps create the seasons and unique environments of our beautiful, blue planet.

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