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Let’s Try Biodiversity! (LTB) – Companies’ First Undertaking at Conserving Biodiversity

The Biodiversity Working Group, The Four Electrical and Electronic Industry Associations


This working group created an “LTB” guidance, which introduces in detail 11 examples of activities that would be easy to adopt for companies taking their first step at biodiversity conservation activities. The group also organizes orientations and offers participants opportunities to watch and experience the activities undertaken by various companies first hand.

The guidance, full of images and illustrations, was produced with emphasis on its straightforwardness and understandability.

Since its establishment in May 2011, the working group has developed educational tools, database of case examples, formulated guidelines, and organized seminars and workshops to provide assistance to many companies and to help make biodiversity conservation more mainstream. To make it simple and encourage as many companies as possible to get involved in biodiversity conservation, the working group decided that they needed to develop and provide user friendly tools. That is why the working group created the “LTB” guidance.

The LTB guidance introduces in detail relatively easy to adopt activities as well as how they can contribute to the Aichi targets and their relation to the SDGs. Users can also search for activities they are interested in that they would like to implement or that are suitable for their region. Moreover, it introduces “paper” based activities that even companies without green spaces can adopt.

The tool is available on the website and may be applied to a wide range of industries so that biodiversity conservation activities can become more mainstream and widely applied to numerous business sectors.

Furthermore, from May 2018, the working group has been organizing LTB seminars and workshops to introduce case examples and provide opportunities to observe and experience the initiatives first hand to encourage companies to take the first step towards biodiversity conservation.

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