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Various partnership spreading from local cooperation through raising plants to make fruit syrup

Dongri-Kurabu for Natural Life in Forest Co.

The Dongri-Kurabu for Natural Life in Forest Co. makes fruit syrup from plants native to the region. Fruit used to make syrup comes from plants, for example Gamazumi (Viburnum dilatatum), that have been cultivated from seeds. The club is currently cultivating over 800 saplings.

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Let’s get rid of abandoned bamboo forests by eating bamboo

Specified Non-Profit Corporation Kamome

Kamome is a volunteer group that takes care of abandoned bamboo forests. Exasperated by super resilient bamboos that keep growing back, the group began an initiative - "Let's get rid of abandoned bamboo forests by eating bamboo" - which aims to develop food products using bamboo.

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Hiyori Kitchen

Hiyori Kitchen

The Hiyori Kitchen's key concept is to develop a "new food culture for Ishinomaki" with a fresh set of eyes. It is a restaurant that was established as a center for research, discovery, and development of new foods and recipes unique to Ishinomaki and transformation of these assets into a resource for tourism.

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Cooking of traditional foods of the Shiga and Lake Biwa area

Eco idea kids, Lake Biwa

Children who participate in this program discover Lake Biwa's rich bounty by learning how to cook the traditional foods of Shiga Prefecture, as well as coming to love and have pride in their region. This initiative also aspires to the creation of a new food culture through the fostering of relationships.

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Green Lantern

Green Lantern Supporters

Choosing local foods, restaurants and pubs is an easy way to practice local consumption.

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