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Specified Non-Profit Corporation Tsukushinbo


To help preserve the satoyama landscape, children create protective covering for their school desks with timber from forest thinning, which they will use for the next 6 years. From early years of primary education, children learn about trees and forest conservation. And because every first grader will need a protective covering for desks, this project has found a continuous use for thinned trees.

For forest conservation, forest thinning and careful use of such trees is essential. In addition, such use of timber should not be temporary. That is why the Specified Non-Profit Corporation Tsukushinbo developed a project that will not only teach children about trees, but also regularly use thinned trees.

YUMEITA is a protective covering for school desks created from thinned trees.
This project uses trees from the region and creates products that the children will use carefully for years. Once children enroll in the school, they will create their own protective covering for desks. For six years they will use this covering, and when they graduate, they will take it with them, with all the memories that go with it, as a commemorative gift. This project ensures that thinned trees will be used every year for each first grader joining the school.

– Promotes the regular use of thinned timber as an educational tool.
– The protective covering can be removed easily, so on the backside, children can write down the height they want to reach, their future dreams, etc.
– This project can be implemented anywhere across the country because it has been designed to fit the JIS standard school desks.

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