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Eco Meeting – Environmental activities in the construction sector

Kato Construction Co., Ltd.


These eco meetings are being held to help realize a society that can live in harmony with nature. The meetings discuss and propose what measures can be taken to help conserve and restore nature through the various construction projects the company undertakes.

The headquarters of the Kato Construction Co., Ltd. Is located in Ama District, Aichi Prefecture, and the company mainly focuses on public construction projects. In recent years, a lot of construction projects are underway, especially in the urban area, and people are having fewer opportunities to come in contact with nature like rice paddies, irrigation channels, and wooded areas. Construction is associated with destruction of nature, but the company believes that the art and science of construction can help preserve and restore nature. That is why it began organizing these eco meetings.

As part of these eco meetings, the company conducts ecological, vegetation surveys surrounding the area of the public construction project it has been consigned and discusses what measures can be taken to preserve and restore the natural environment. Environmental conservation is examined from different perspectives, and everyone from people involved in the project and technical staff, to account managers, men and women alike contribute ideas.

Furthermore, in order to propose and execute eco-conscious public engineering works, the company is encouraging its employees to learn about the natural environment and become a certified biotope planner and builder. Already, 128 employees have become certified. By becoming certified they have gained a better understanding and awareness of nature, and have become able to propose better, more pertinent ideas that take nature into consideration.

In the future, when working on projects, the company hopes to work more closely with contractees and with the community and share ideas that will enrich nature. The company hopes that the community will come to depend on the construction industry as engineers that can help protect nature.

※As of the end of March 2018, The Biotope Planners and Builders 140 employees.

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